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Top Social Universities in the United States

Back to school is top of mind in September, and this infographic from MediaMiser caught my eye.  Here’s an interesting look at the “top social universities” in terms of social activity, retweets, and page influence.  Harvard University took the lead with more than 3.2 million Facebook likes, almost four times as many as Yale (2nd place), and also had almost 10,o00 retweets during the test period.

And those numbers continue to increase.  I checked out Harvard’s Social Media Dashboard page, which is well-organized so you can connect with its multiple channels, and they’ve increased their Facebook fans alone to 3.5 million since MediaMiser‘s study was completed.

A deeper dive shows that Harvard makes it easy to connect, which is a critical element in any successful social campaign.  Quite simply, make it relevant; make it easy to access; keep it current; and stay on track.  It’s easy in social media to get sidetracked with messaging, since the pace is so fast, but if we apply the same principles to social that we do to traditional media, and stay laser-focused, we’ll see our messages take flight in more meaningful and productive ways.
Media Monitoring & Media AnalysisTop Social Universities Infographic by MediaMiser

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