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“What’s your story?”

That has been our PR firm’s tagline since the day we started, more than 20 years ago. Helping companies write their story in a way that is compelling, interesting, and creative, has earned our clients millions of dollars of media impressions. Editing has always been a key ingredient in making sure all of our correspondence is clearly communicated & error-free.

Amy’s background in journalism (Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism), freelance writing, publishing and broadcasting, and parenting reporting brings a unique ability to get to the heart of the story fast and to communicate messaging that sticks.

College-bound students face the exact same challenge. Applications include grades and test scores that are already set in relatively permanent ink. The essay, though, is a great opportunity to set yourself apart, to catch the eye of the admissions officer, to sell YOU in a way that has your unique signature.

While we aren’t college admissions officers or college consultants, we are confident in our ability to edit and polish. Let us help your student put his/her best foot forward!

What we CAN do:

  • Brainstorm topics with an objective perspective
  • Provide honest, candid feedback if something works … or doesn’t
  • Help your student find his/her unique voice and ensure that the essay is authentic and represents the best he/she has to offer
  • Polish grammar and punctuation so there are no glaring (or subtle) errors

What we CANNOT do

  • Write your essay
  • Edit to the point that your voice is muted
  • Tell you exactly what admissions offices are looking for
  • Guarantee any kind of results

Fees are hourly or in 4-hour packages and due at each appointment.

Email Edit@WriteIdeas.com to set up a consultation or editing appointment.

Testimonials from Students & Parents

Amy Smith is an amazing college essay reviewer and editor, as she allowed me to get into my top colleges because of my outstanding essay. She understands the fundamentals of a well-rounded essay, which allows her to be as efficient as possible. She also sparked new and creative ideas, while helping me convert them into my paper. Overall, Amy is a quality college editor who can maximize your student’s writing potential.
– Nicholas Y. (USC)

My son loved working on his essay with Amy. She had the right balance of suggestions without overpowering my son’s voice. She helped give him the confidence to tell his story to the admissions committee in a focused, well-written essay.
– Cheryl K. (Williams)

Amy’s attention to detail was crucial in producing a top-notch and sophisticated essay, but also an incredibly personal one as well.
– Denise C. (Emory)

Amy Smith did an amazing job helping to improve and edit my college essays. She understands what colleges are looking for and was able to translate that into my essay. She helps break down the essays and push for the best possible outcome. Amy is great at taking a student’s ideas and turning them into fantastic essays.
– Michael Y. (Berkeley)

Amy was very quick at getting back to my son with her revisions and suggestions. She was easy to work with.
– Judy L. (University of Michigan)

Mrs. Smith really took the time to get to know me so that my essay reflected who I actually am and not just an attempt to guess what colleges want to hear.
– Declan C. (Emory)