Amy Kossoff Smith is a seasoned presenter, with 20+ years of examples to illustrate virtually any public relations or promotions subject. Sample topics include…

  • Media Training 101 – Getting your spokespeople ready for lights, camera, action. We review the do’s and don’ts you need to know before your next media interview including tone, preparation, dress code, and more.
  • What’s Your Story – With decades of experience, we interview your team to find the most salient news angles to increase your chances of coverage. Point-of-difference is just the beginning. We bring our vast experience in PR, promotions, and media to your site and can meet in small groups with your team to brainstorm ideas.  We match your marketing objectives with the media’s appetite for news, and can discuss news cycles, seasonality, competition, and relevance, to give YOUR story the best chance for success.
  • Microbranding in Motion – We’ve done it ourselves, leveraging decades of PR experience to launch an internationally recognized online parenting magazine, The MomTini Lounge. We evaluate your business expertise to explore new streams of revenue that have synergy with your brand and help you expand in new areas.
  • Automated Marketing – There are only so many hours in a day, and if everything we do in our businesses requires “reinventing the wheel,” what happens? Nothing. We explore new social media techniques that work for you, even when you’re fighting 15 deadlines at once. E-Newsletters are a perfect example of “push-pull marketing” where you’re communicating with your customers, and inviting them to your business at the same time.
  • We will customize any presentation for your group – just call!