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Power Hour Editing Gives College Students an Edge

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The approach, “So what’s your story?” has not changed since Write Ideas took flight 20+ years ago. Its mission is to help companies identify, craft and communicate their stories to traditional and social media outlets. Compelling, interesting, and creative, these finely tuned stories have earned clients millions of dollars in value-added media impressions. College-bound students face the exact same storytelling challenge. With increasing competition and an unprecedented number of applications, the stakes have never been higher. Essays are an opportunity to humanize the applicant, to impress and distinguish beyond grades and test scores that are written in permanent ink but

The PR Parking Lot Facilitates Focus

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Creative minds have a rapid-fire stream of ideas, and it's not until you layer strategy on top of that explosiveness, that PR magic can take flight. A theme that has come up repeatedly this summer in our campaigns is the importance of focus. When you're busy launching a new concept or campaign, it's easy to get carried away with ideas that are all over the map. Whether the idea is related to marketing, advertising, PR, social, etc., it's often hard to let go once that idea is on the table. One tactic I have introduced to several clients this year

PRCG Conference Roundup 2015: Dallas, Texas

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By Amy Kossoff Smith, Write Ideas, Inc., and Founder/Editor PRCG Powerlines Boots and lots of brainstorming were on the ground in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, this year for the PRConsultants Group Annual Conference. More than 40 of the network’s markets attended for professional development, networking, and of course, some great Tex-Mex food. Themed, “Not the same old bull,” there was a healthy dose of humor and Southwestern fun as we held our annual crash course in PR education together. Here are highlights from this year’s conference: Day One, after a team brainstorm (get ready to be wowed in 2015

2nd Annual Snark Free Day Aims to Clean Up Communication

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Words are powerful, and being in the "word business," I see this every day. I wanted to share the 2nd Annual Snark Free Day press release, along with some new data that proves the positive power of words at work and at home. Try it today, and maybe another day, too! Lose the Snark, Embrace Civility Public Relations Professionals Declare October 21 "2nd Annual Snark Free Day" Local Maryland PR Firm Joins the Movement To Clean Up Communication A group of public relations professionals representing 50+ markets across the nation are hosting the second annual “Snark Free Day” on Tuesday,

Top Social Universities in the United States

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Back to school is top of mind in September, and this infographic from MediaMiser caught my eye.  Here's an interesting look at the "top social universities" in terms of social activity, retweets, and page influence.  Harvard University took the lead with more than 3.2 million Facebook likes, almost four times as many as Yale (2nd place), and also had almost 10,o00 retweets during the test period. And those numbers continue to increase.  I checked out Harvard's Social Media Dashboard page, which is well-organized so you can connect with its multiple channels, and they've increased their Facebook fans alone to 3.5

PRConsultants Group Made Some Magic in Orlando

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Wanted to share a post I published on PRCG Powerlines about this year's conference.  As tough as it is to carve out "away from the office" time, I leave every conference with tons of great ideas to apply in my business.  I consider it invaluable continuing education. Hope you find some tips for your own biz, and enjoy the adorable Disney video - can you say "kitchen sink"?  - Amy PRConsultants Group Made Some Magic in Orlando By Amy Kossoff Smith, President, Write Ideas, Inc. and Founder/Editor of PRCG Powerlines, @WriteIdeasPR When 40 public relations consultants get together, there’s bound

WestJet Delivers Holiday Cheer and Makes Millions of Impressions

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Thanks to some very special friends for bringing Canada’s WestJet viral video campaign to my attention.  If you’re not one of the 33 million+ who have already viewed this video, it’s well worth 5 minutes of your time, for the entertainment value alone, not to mention the campaign’s value as a marketing/PR/social case study in excellence. This is pure marketing genius, putting social media to work in a way that no other medium could communicate with quite the same punch.  WestJet granted Christmas wishes to 250 passengers in real-time.  While many airlines can’t do much more than serve peanuts and

Write Ideas Joins First Annual Snark Free Day

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Happy to announce we've  joined a nationwide effort to make a single day in October one that is free of harsh comments, rude social media posts or sinister sarcasm. News Declaring October 22 as Snark Free Day, the nationwide affiliates of PR Consultants Group (PRCG) including Maryland’s own Amy Kossoff Smith at Write Ideas, Inc., are committing to a kinder way of communication and encouraging others to participate. The group often coaches clients on communication styles for messaging, media releases, web content, blogs, social media and more. Through October 22, they share these same principles with anyone who communicates face-to-face,

Discount Designer Clothes: Definitely PR Genius

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Despite – or because of – this recession, there’s still clearly a hearty appetite for designer duds at discount prices.  Target‘s recent launch of Missoni, an upscale Italian label with wild, colorful, geometric patterns, was a huge success on many fronts.  Even though their website crashed from the sudden surge in traffic, I’d call it a PR success story for lots of reasons. Lydia Dishman reported in Forbes (The Genius of Target’s Missoni Madness) “Two full hours before Target threw open doors…to offer rabid fashionistas a lower priced collection of haute Italian label Missoni…the discount chain allowed shoppers to buy

Virgin America – Yea, they’ve “got it”!

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I flew Virgin America to California this past weekend, and couldn’t wait to get back to my desk to write about the unique marketing muscle behind this flying experience.  It’s hard not to look at my own customer service experiences through a marketing/PR lens, and this was no exception. Initially, I thought I was flying on one of those “off brand” airlines, and wasn’t sure what to expect, if anything!  Instead, I couldn’t believe the swank, nightclub feel on board.  Black leather, comfy seats, decent leg room, magenta-ish track lighting, a safety video cartoon-style with some attitude & humor (didn’t